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Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands have the right to work and pursue education. The details of how this works are explained on this page. There is also information about specific signs of exploitation that host families should be aware of. Additionally, you can find information about sports, hobbies, and leisure activities.

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Mag mijn gast werken in Nederland?

Is my guest allowed to work in the Netherlands?

Yes, Ukrainian displaced persons are allowed to work in the Netherlands as employees. Your guest must meet the following conditions to do so: The guest falls under the Temporary Protection Directive. The guest is registered in the Basic Persons Registration (BRP). The guest has a Citizen Service Number (BSN)*. The guest has a valid proof […]

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Waar kan mijn gast werk vinden?

Where can my guest find work?

Your guest can find a paid job through various methods: Through major job search websites like Indeed or Nationale Vacaturebank Through staffing agencies Through the municipal employment agency or the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) Through RefugeeWork, a platform with job listings for refugees in 11 languages Through friends, family, and acquaintances

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Welke rechten en plichten heeft mijn gast als zij/hij werkt?

What rights and responsibilities does my guest have while working?

The short answer is that your guest has the same rights and responsibilities as Dutch citizens when working. Unfortunately, Ukrainian displaced individuals are often vulnerable to exploitation and mistreatment in practice. Help your guest avoid these risks by ensuring that the following aspects are properly arranged: The salary is at least the minimum wage. Vacation, […]

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Hoe herken ik mogelijke signalen op uitbuiting?

How do I recognize potential signs of exploitation?

As mentioned, Ukrainian displaced individuals are at risk of exploitation by employers. It would be helpful if you are vigilant for potential signs of exploitation: There is no employment agreement or contract. The employer only wants to pay in cash. Salary is not paid, partially paid, or paid late. Dangerous work or an unsafe workplace. […]

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Wat moet ik doen bij vermoedens van uitbuiting?

What should I do if I suspect exploitation?

Exploitation is a criminal offense. If you have suspicions of exploitation, it’s advisable to report it to the police in all cases. To do so, call 0900 – 8844. If you have doubts or prefer to discuss it first, please contact your municipality for help.

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Moeten Oekraïense kinderen naar school?

Do Ukrainian children need to go to school?

Yes, in principle, all underage Ukrainian children must attend school in the Netherlands. They have the same right to education and compulsory education as everyone else. Children aged 4 to 12 attend primary school (elementary education). After that, they move on to secondary school. Children who have just arrived in the Netherlands and do not […]

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Wie regelt het onderwijs aan Oekraïense kinderen?

Who arranges the education for Ukrainian children?

The choice of school for children’s education is up to the child’s parents. Our advice is to first contact the municipality. They can provide an overview of schools that have available spots and offer additional language education or language classes if needed. Based on this information, parents can make a decision.

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Nee, het primair en voortgezet onderwijs zijn voor alle kinderen in Nederland gratis. Sommige scholen vragen een (vrijwillige) ouderbijdrage

Are there any costs associated with education for Ukrainian children?

No, primary and secondary education are free of charge for all children in the Netherlands. Some schools may request a voluntary parental contribution, which covers extras such as field trips or creative lessons. In secondary education, students often need to have their own laptop. Most municipalities have arrangements or organizations that provide financial assistance to […]

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Mag mijn gast studeren in Nederland?

Is my guest allowed to study in the Netherlands?

Yes, Ukrainian displaced individuals are allowed to study in the Netherlands. For clarification, this includes all types of education beyond secondary school: vocational education (mbo), higher professional education (hbo), and university education (wo). For all studies in Dutch, an admission requirement is that your guest has passed the Staatsexamen NT2-II (State Examination Dutch as a […]

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Welke kosten zijn verbonden aan het studeren in Nederland?

What costs are associated with studying in the Netherlands?

For all higher education programs, your guest will pay annual tuition fees and additional costs for things like study books, materials, and a laptop. Your guest can apply for student finance from DUO (Dienst Uitvoering Onderwijs), the government agency responsible for education-related matters. For individuals aged between 30 and 55, there’s the ‘Levenlanglerenkrediet’ scheme by […]

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Mijn gast wil graag Nederlands leren. Waar kunnen we terecht?

My guest would like to learn Dutch. Where can we go for that?

There are various ways to learn Dutch. On Refugeehelp, you can find an up-to-date overview of (free!) options for learning our language. Additionally, in many municipalities, there are various projects and initiatives related to integration, language lessons, and language buddies. To find out more, inquire at your municipality or the public library.

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Mijn gast wil graag sporten. Welke mogelijkheden zijn er?

My guest would like to engage in sports. What possibilities are there?

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many sports clubs and organizations have initiated efforts to welcome Ukrainian refugees. Often, they can become members of sports clubs like football, tennis, or athletics at no cost or with reduced fees. Additionally, almost all Dutch municipalities have arrangements and sports passes for individuals with low incomes, allowing them […]

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Mijn gast wil graag zingen, toneelspelen, schilderen of musiceren? Welke mogelijkheden zijn er?

My guest would like to sing, act, paint, or play music. What possibilities are there?

Similar to sports, the offerings and specific arrangements vary from municipality to municipality. Generally, there are generous arrangements in place to ensure that those with limited financial means can participate as much as possible. Inquire about this at your municipality or the respective clubs or organizations.

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