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Thousands of families in the Netherlands provide a safe and welcoming home for people who have fled from Ukraine. RefugeeHomeNL coordinates and supports a portion of private accommodation. On this website, we're pleased to share our knowledge with anyone hosting Ukrainian refugees, aiming to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for both guests and host families.

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jij als gastgezin

How do I become a host family?

It’s wonderful to hear that you’re interested in becoming a host family. As a host family, you provide a warm and secure home for people who have fled from Ukraine. Until August 25th 2023, it was possible to sign up as a host family with RefugeeHomeNL. However, various small initiatives have been launched throughout the […]

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Wat heb ik nodig om gastgezin te worden?

What do I need to become a host family?

As a host family, you make a difference. However, it’s certainly a significant step to share your home with other people for a shorter or longer period of time. Below, we’ve outlined several practical matters for you: It’s important that your guest has access to at least one private space. Think of an attic floor, […]

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Hoe lang blijf ik gastgezin?

How long do I remain a host family?

It is adviced to arrange a stay for a duration of 3 months. Experience has shown that this is a manageable period for both parties. In some cases, the guest and host family decide together to extend the cohabitation through mutual agreement. Especially if, for example, you have a separate floor or a garden cottage […]

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Wat wordt er van mij als gastgezin verwacht?

What is expected of me as a host family?

The greatest gift is your hospitality. By opening up your home, you provide your guest with a safe and pleasant place to stay. Discuss with your guest how and with what you can assist them. This varies from person to person. While one guest might be very independent and can navigate their way well in […]

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Hoe help ik onveilige situaties te voorkomen?

How do I help prevent unsafe situations?

Your guest is in a vulnerable position. People from Ukraine are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. They can be forced into work, sex work, or criminal activities under distressing circumstances. Signs that may indicate this: Your guest receives a job offer that sounds “too good to be true.” Your guest […]

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Welke tips hebben jullie voor gastgezinnen?

What tips do you have for host families?

Every stay is unique, but the following tips can help you and your guest make the stay as pleasant as possible for both parties: Don’t do it alone. Form a network with friends, neighbors, and family to provide housing and support together. No one knows how long it will take, and together you can manage […]

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