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Sooner or later, the time will come when your guest's stay comes to an end. On the "Vertrek" (Departure) page, we explain what needs to be arranged regarding the departure and what rights and obligations your guest has at that time.

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Het samenwonen bevalt ons prima! Kunnen we dat niet blijven doen?

We’re enjoying living together! Can’t we continue doing this?

Certainly, if both the guest and the host family are comfortable with it! In principle, a new period of cohabitation is agreed upon for another 3 months. Until December 31, 2023, guests and host families can rely on support from RefugeeHomeNL. After that, you’ll have to manage without our assistance.

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Het eind van het samenwonen komt in zicht, wat nu?

The end of cohabitation is in sight, what now?

A few weeks before cohabitation is terminated, the Guesthouse Supporter will get in touch to discuss the various options.

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Welke opties heeft mijn gast als het samenwonen ophoudt?

What options does my guest have when cohabitation ends?

Besides the possibility of extension, your guest has the following options when their stay comes to an end. These are: 1. Shelter in a Municipal Shelter 2. Finding independent housing (private accommodation outside of RefugeeHomeNL, renting, or buying) 3. Return to Ukraine or another country of origin Municipal Shelter As long as your guest falls […]

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Ik vind het lastig om mijn gast ‘los te laten’…wat nu?

I find it difficult to ‘let go’ of my guest… what now?

We often hear from host families that they find it challenging to end the period of cohabitation. There is (still) little perspective for the Ukrainian displaced individuals, and much remains uncertain. Sometimes, cohabitation continues despite little enthusiasm for it, mainly due to this uncertainty. An accommodation spot through RefugeeHomeNL is always a temporary solution. Additionally, […]

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Mijn gast wil tijdelijk terugreizen naar Oekraïne, mag dat?

My guest wants to temporarily return to Ukraine, is that allowed?

Yes, it is possible to temporarily leave the Netherlands, for example, for family visits. In order to maintain your rights in the Netherlands, any departure must always be reported to the municipality. Upon return, the guest must also notify the municipality. The maximum duration of a stay outside the Netherlands is 28 days. Staying away […]

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Kan RefugeeHomeNL helpen met het vinden van woonruimte voor mijn gast?

Can RefugeeHomeNL assist in finding housing for my guest?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide assistance in finding independent housing for your guest. Housing and accommodation outside of our project are the responsibility of the municipality and the guest themselves.

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