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RefugeeHomeNL is a collaboration between the Red Cross, Salvation Army, VluchtelingenWerk (Refugee Work), and Takecarebnb, endorsed by the Ministry of Justice and Security. Until December 31, 2023, our mission is to ensure the safe and comfortable provision of private accommodation for Ukrainians.

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Wat is RefugeeHomeNL?

What is RefugeeHomeNL?

RefugeeHomeNL is a consortium formed by four organizations, established at the initiative of the Ministry of Justice and Security. The Dutch Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work), and the Takecarebnb Foundation collaborate within RefugeeHomeNL with the aim of coordinating and facilitating a safe, sustainable, and humane form of private accommodation for Ukrainian displaced […]

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Wanneer is RefugeeHomeNL gestart?

When did RefugeeHomeNL start?

Shortly after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, a significant influx of refugees began. Many tens of thousands of Ukrainians fled to the Netherlands. Simultaneously, there was a substantial spontaneous offer of assistance from our society to provide temporary shelter to these individuals. In March 2022, the initiatives of the four organizations were brought together under […]

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What are the roles of the four organizations within RefugeeHomeNL?

The four organizations within RefugeeHomeNL each have their responsibilities for different aspects of the program’s implementation, and they collaborate as a whole: Takecarebnb – manages the applications, conducts intakes with guests, screening conversations with host families, and makes the initial connection between demand and supply. Red Cross – The “Verbinders” (Connectors) from the Red Cross […]

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Hoeveel mensen helpt RefugeeHomeNL?

How many people does RefugeeHomeNL assist?

Almost four thousand Ukrainian displaced individuals have found accommodation through RefugeeHomeNL in almost three thousand host families. We are gradually observing a decrease in the number of new registrations among both guests and host families. However, new cohabitations are still being established until mid-September, and we are currently supporting around 500 host families and 1.000 […]

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Waarom stopt RefugeeHomeNL?

Why is RefugeeHomeNL ending?

The four organizations and the ministry have collectively decided not to apply for new funding for the year 2024. This means that RefugeeHomeNL will exist in its current form until December 31, 2023. The main reason for ending the program is the significant decline in demand from guests and available host families. Additionally, it has […]

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Tot aan het einde van het jaar begeleiden we de op dit moment samenwonende gasten en gastgezinnen. We zijn inmiddels gestopt met het aangaan van nieuwe samenwoningen en herplaatsingen. Als het verblijf voor het einde van het jaar stopt, werken we met gast en gastgezin aan een goede volgende stap. Sommige gasten en gastgezinnen blijven ook in 2024 samenwonen, maar doen dit zonder support vanuit RefugeeHomeNL. Uiteraard laten wij hen in goede handen achter door ze zo goed mogelijk te informeren tot welke instanties en initiatieven zij zich kunnen wenden als RefugeeHomeNL stopt.

What is RefugeeHomeNL doing until the end of this year?

Until the end of the year, we will continue to support the guests and host families who are currently cohabiting. We have stopped initiating new cohabitations and relocations. If a stay ends before the year’s end, we will work with the guest and host family to facilitate the next step. Some guests and host families […]

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Wat gebeurt er met RefugeeHomeNL na het einde van dit jaar?

What will happen to RefugeeHomeNL after the end of this year?

The RefugeeHomeNL project has yielded significant outcomes and demonstrated that spontaneous offers of assistance from society, with the support of collaborating NGOs, have led to sustainable and secure accommodation solutions. The experiences gained from RefugeeHomeNL will be translated into an approach that can be quickly and smoothly implemented in the event of future humanitarian crises. […]

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