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Understanding and appreciating each other's origins, language, and culture can greatly enhance the experience of sharing a home, whether for a longer or shorter period. Therefore, on this page, you'll find essential information about the Ukrainian language and culture. Additionally, we provide several tips and advice to foster better mutual understanding and bridge the gaps arising from language and cultural differences.

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Welke talen worden er in Oekraïne gesproken?

What languages are spoken in Ukraine?

Ukrainian is the official language of Ukraine and is spoken by the majority of the population. Ukrainian belongs to the Slavic language family and shares many similarities with Russian and Belarusian. However, there are differences in grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. In addition to Ukrainian, other languages are spoken, especially Russian and Romanian. In some regions […]

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Wat kun jij doen om de taalbarrière tussen jou en je gast te slechten?

What can you do to overcome the language barrier between you and your guest?

Here are five tips for Dutch individuals who want to communicate with Ukrainian guests: Learn some basic words in Ukrainian, such as “hello” (vitayu), “thank you” (dyakuyu), “yes” (tak), and “no” (ni). Speaking a few words in your guests’ language will be appreciated and can contribute to positive interactions. Utilize online translation tools like Google […]

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Wat kan een Oekraïner doen om Nederland beter te leren kennen?

What can a Ukrainian do to get to know the Netherlands better?

Learn the basics of the Dutch language. Knowing some basic words and phrases in Dutch can help with daily interactions and also leave a positive impression on Dutch people. Taking a language course can aid in learning the language. Explore Dutch culture. The Netherlands has a rich history and culture worth discovering. Visit museums, historical […]

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Hoe heeft de geschiedenis Oekraïne gevormd?

How has history shaped Ukraine?

Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe and fourteen times larger than the Netherlands, has a rich and complex history dating back to ancient times. The country has seen various rulers and suffered through numerous conflicts and political changes. The earliest known civilizations in the area that is now Ukraine emerged around 4800 BCE. In the […]

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Wat kenmerkt de Oekraïense identiteit?

What characterizes the Ukrainian identity?

Ukrainian culture is rich in traditions and has a strong connection to nature and the land. The history of Ukraine is complex and tumultuous, with influences from neighboring countries and cultures absorbed over the centuries. These influences have contributed to the diversity and unique identity of the Ukrainian people. An important characteristic of Ukrainian culture […]

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Wat zijn de belangrijkste verschillen tussen de Oekraïense en Nederlandse cultuur?

What are the main differences between Ukrainian and Dutch culture?

Individualism versus collectivism: Dutch people are known for their individualistic culture, where individual freedom and independence are highly valued. On the other hand, Ukrainian culture is more collectivist, emphasizing the importance of family, community, and tradition. Directness versus indirectness: Dutch people are known for their direct and open communication style, while Ukrainians often communicate indirectly […]

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Welke tips zijn er om cultuurverschillen te overbruggen?

What tips are there to bridge cultural differences?

Learn about each other’s culture: Take the time to learn about the other person’s culture, including their history, traditions, and customs. This can help reduce misunderstandings. Be curious: Ask questions and be open to learning about the other person’s perspectives and experiences. This can help foster mutual understanding and respect. Show respect: Respect the differences […]

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