Wat kun jij doen om de taalbarrière tussen jou en je gast te slechten?

What can you do to overcome the language barrier between you and your guest?

Here are five tips for Dutch individuals who want to communicate with Ukrainian guests:

  • Learn some basic words in Ukrainian, such as “hello” (vitayu), “thank you” (dyakuyu), “yes” (tak), and “no” (ni). Speaking a few words in your guests’ language will be appreciated and can contribute to positive interactions.
  • Utilize online translation tools like Google Translate or Microsoft Translator to quickly and easily translate texts. However, keep in mind that these tools can sometimes have inaccuracies, so also try to learn simple words and phrases to enable basic communication.
  • Attempt to understand the cultural background of your guests. In Ukrainian culture, for example, there is a strong emphasis on family, so asking questions about their family and background can be a good way to start a conversation and build rapport.
  • Pay attention to your guests’ body language and tone during communication. In Ukrainian culture, it’s common to speak loudly and use many gestures during conversations, which might be unfamiliar to Dutch people.
  • Be respectful and interested in your guests’ culture and traditions. Sharing information about Dutch culture and asking questions about Ukrainian culture can help facilitate smoother communication.

There are various online tools and apps available to help Dutch individuals communicate with Ukrainian guests, such as Duolingo for learning Ukrainian and Linguee for translations of sentences and words.