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Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands are entitled to medical care. You can read about how this is arranged on this page. We also provide answers to questions about what your guest should do in certain situations. Additionally, you will find important information resources in your guest's language here.

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Heeft mijn gast recht op zorg in Nederland?

Does my guest have the right to healthcare in the Netherlands?

Yes, this is arranged for Ukrainian refugees under the Regulation for Medical Care for Displaced Persons (RMO). The RMO is a system that facilitates the reimbursement of medical care. Starting from July 1, 2022, this regulation applies to all employed and unemployed individuals covered by the Temporary Protection Directive. The condition is that these individuals […]

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Moet mijn gast zelf een zorgverzekering afsluiten?

Does my guest need to arrange their own health insurance?

No, all healthcare from the basic package and some additional services are covered by the RMO. Your guest does not pay a healthcare premium for the RMO. Therefore, there is also no healthcare cost supplement in place.

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Welke zorg valt onder de RMO?

What kind of care is covered under the RMO?

The Regulation for Medical Care for Displaced Persons (RMO) covers all healthcare services from the basic package. An up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the services in the basic package can be found here. In addition to the basic package, the RMO also covers: – Dental care for acute pain up to €250 (once a year) […]

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Mijn gast is ziek of heeft last van klachten, wat nu?

My guest is ill or experiencing health issues, what should they do now?

For emergency situations, call 112. For other urgent medical assistance, you can go to the nearest GP out-of-hours service or emergency room. In all other cases, your guest should generally visit a GP (general practitioner or family doctor) first. The GP can then refer the guest to other healthcare professionals or prescribe medications if necessary. […]

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Mijn gast heeft mentale of psychische problemen, zoals stress, angst of depressie. Wat nu?

My guest is experiencing mental or psychological issues such as stress, anxiety, or depression. What should they do now?

In that case as well, you should first visit the GP. The GP can provide referrals to other healthcare professionals. For example, there’s Empatia, a mental health program specifically aimed at refugees from Ukraine. Additionally, many GPs work with practice nurses who specialize in providing help for psychological or mental issues. On RefugeeHelp, you can […]

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Mijn gast heeft een beperking en daarvoor extra hulp nodig. Wat nu?

My guest has a disability and requires additional assistance. What should they do now?

If your guest requires extra assistance and care due to a disability, they can turn to the Municipal Social Support (“WMO”) office of the municipality. Of course, it would be helpful if you assist your guest in this process. After reporting and making a request, usually, a conversation and assessment will follow. This will result […]

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Mijn gast is zwanger. Wat nu?

My guest is pregnant. What should they do now?

Maternity care is also covered by the RMO. This means that your guest is entitled to midwifery care and maternity assistance. When there is a (suspected) pregnancy, it is advisable to first visit the GP. The GP will then refer the pregnant woman to a midwife or, if necessary, to a gynecologist at the hospital. […]

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