Wat wordt er van mij als gastgezin verwacht?

What is expected of me as a host family?

The greatest gift is your hospitality. By opening up your home, you provide your guest with a safe and pleasant place to stay. Discuss with your guest how and with what you can assist them. This varies from person to person. While one guest might be very independent and can navigate their way well in the Netherlands, another might be quite anxious, and it would be nice if you could help them feel at home. A listening ear, providing a warm and homely environment, doing activities together like shopping or eating, experiencing the everyday normal life… all of these things can be helpful. Are you connected with RefugeeHomeNL? Then you can reach out to your Household Support Coordinator for more tips and advice. The flowchart [download] provides an overview of who you can contact in case of concerns or doubts about the safety and well-being of your guest and/or yourself as a host family.