Hoe help ik onveilige situaties te voorkomen?

How do I help prevent unsafe situations?

Your guest is in a vulnerable position. People from Ukraine are at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking and exploitation. They can be forced into work, sex work, or criminal activities under distressing circumstances. Signs that may indicate this:

  • Your guest receives a job offer that sounds “too good to be true.”
  • Your guest doesn’t have their own identification documents, or someone else always speaks for them.
  • Your guest has to work a lot under poor conditions in exchange for low or inadequate pay.
  • You notice bruises or other marks that could indicate physical violence.
  • Your guest reacts fearfully to certain individuals who visit or call them and is secretive about their work.

Contact the police at 0900 – 8844 when you indicate signs or risks. In urgent situations, always call 112.