Situation regarding third-country nationals

Published on: 5 July 2023

Third-country nationals are individuals who have fled from Ukraine to the Netherlands and possess only a temporary residency status for Ukraine, such as a work or study visa. These individuals fall under the Temporary Directive until September 4, 2023.

Return or Asylum Application

For third-country nationals, it is required that they leave the Netherlands by September 4. A significant portion of this group has already applied for asylum in the Netherlands. They are allowed to remain in the country until the asylum procedure is completed.

Third-Country Nationals and RefugeeHomeNL

Currently, an estimated 15 individuals are residing in private accommodation through RefugeeHomeNL. When known, we maintain close contact with both the guest and the host family. Individuals who are already in the asylum process are allowed to continue living with their host family. However, their stay will continue under the COA’s so-called “logeerregeling” (temporary stay arrangement). Support from RefugeeHomeNL for both the guest and the host family ceases at that point.