Current Situation for Third-Country Nationals

Published on: 8 September 2023

This weekend, the State Secretary for Justice and Security, following the advice of the Council of State, has decided that ‘third-country nationals’ will continue to have the right to stay in the Netherlands until the Council of State reaches a final verdict on this matter. Therefore, they do not have to leave the place where they are staying by September 4th.

Initiating a Procedure

The reason behind this decision is a series of expedited rulings by the Council of State regarding the right of residence for third-country nationals. The Council of State acknowledges that these rulings may not directly apply to all third-country nationals, but they serve as guiding principles. This means that all third-country nationals who appeal against a decision requiring them to leave the country are allowed to remain in reception facilities until a final ruling is issued. However, it is still crucial for third-country nationals to initiate a procedure against the decision to terminate the Temporary Protection Directive (TPD). To do this, they must be connected with a lawyer through the legal aid board if they haven’t done so already. This will enable the lawyer to respond within the prescribed timeframe.

Helpdesk for Third-Country Nationals

The legal helpdesk of Vluchtelingenwerk (Refugee Work) is ready to answer questions from third-country nationals and provide assistance in initiating procedures. The Ukraine helpdesk can be reached by phone every working day at 020-3467250 or by email at