Open your heart, open your home

After the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, a large flow of refugees has started. Millions of Ukrainian men, women and children are fleeing the violence of the war. Some of them have come to the Netherlands. Many Dutch people want and can do something to help these people, e.g. by providing shelter under the roofs of their homes. Becoming a guest household provider can mean a lot to someone else. RefugeeHomeNL has been established to support the guest household providers and their guests in the best possible way. On this page you can read how RefugeeHomeNL works and how you can register as a guest household provider.

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What is RefugeeHomeNL?

RefugeeHomeNL is a partnership between the Red Cross, the Netherlands Council for Refugees, the Salvation Army and Takecarebnb and is supported by the government. We aim at arranging proper and safe homestays for the refugees from Ukraine with guest households in the Netherlands.

Why join RefugeeHomeNL?

You can try to arrange the stay of Ukrainian refugees at your home yourself. But you can also join RefugeeHomeNL. We support the guest household members as well as the refugees from the registration, matching, during the stay and till departure. Our care providers offer all the necessary support to ensure that the stay goes smoothly and safely for both parties. Generally, the period of the stay lasts up to three months. It is up to you to decide whether you want to extend the stay, reopen your home for another stay or stop with the offer. Your hospitality is priceless, thus the participation in RefugeeHomeNL is free.

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    1 1. Sign up

    Would you like to do something meaningful for someone else and you have some spare space? Then sign up as a guest household provider. This can be done online quickly and easily.

    Your application will be processed within a few days. We will then hold a screening interview and ask you to request a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

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    2 2. Meet & Match

    We match your offer with the needs of the guests from Ukraine. They mention their expectations and wishes when registering. Under the guidance of RefugeeHomeNL you will meet each other.

    Should there be a good impression from both sides afterwards, you can then decide together regarding the period of stay.

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    3 3. The Homestay

    RefugeeHomeNL and the collaborating parties offer you as a guest household provider and your guest(s) all the support you need during the stay.

    We help you to come to good agreements with your guest(s) so that the stay can go smoothly. If necessary, we can also envolve some additional help.

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    4 4. Departure

    Generally, one period of stay lasts three months. You can also count on the support of RefugeeHomeNL around the time of departure. After that you can decide whether you would like to sign up again for other guest(s) to stay with you.

    But you and your current guest(s) can choose to extend their stay, if you want. Should the period of stay be ended earlier, we will help you with that too of course.

Open your heart, open your home

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Frequently asked questions and answers

  • We are happy about any offer of help, no matter if you have a spare bedroom or an entire floor. The only real condition we set is that your guest will have their own room. During the screening interview, we will discuss all the possibilities and impossibilities at your housing with you.

  • We make a match between your offer and the wishes and expectations of Ukrainian guests. If there is a successful match, we will invite you both for an introduction. The introductory meeting is usually held by video call and is supervised by RefugeeHomeNL. You can already establish some contact with each other via Whatsapp prior to the meeting. At the end of the introductory meeting, both you and the guest(s) decide whether the match is successful and the stay can begin. An important condition is that it must feel good for both parties. The facilitator of RefugeeHomeNL will see to this and assist you, even if the outcome of the meeting is not so positive.

  • The period of stay is set for up to three months. Both you and your guest(s) will be supported by the partners of RefugeeHomeNL, e.g. a volunteer from the Salvation Army, who will visit you in the first week to help you to come to agreements or setting the house rules for instance. You will also be supported afterwards and have the access to a number of helplines, so that the period of stay can run as smoothly as possible.

  • If you don't like the stay, you can first contact the Guest Household Supporter from the Salvation Army. You can discuss the options and possible actions with them. Often a good conversation can already improve the situation. But sometimes the conflict cannot be resolved easily. If that is the case or your safety or well-being is at stake, the stay will be terminated. RefugeeHomeNL guides this process and ensures that your guest is given another place to stay as soon as possible.

  • In principle, a period of stay ends after three months. The past experience shows that this pleasant period of time can also be quite intense. After the three months, another guest household will be sought for your guest(s). It is up to you to decide whether and when you would like to receive Ukrainian guest(s) again. It is also possible that you and your guest(s) decide to extend the currrent homestay for a period of another three months. During the extended period of stay you will of course be supported by RefugeeHomeNL too.