On this page you will find information for cohabitation and departure. During the stay, the guest and host family are supported by RefugeeHomeNL. Our cooperation partners the Red Cross, the Salvation Army and the Netherlands Council for Refugees are happy to assist you. Together we ensure a pleasant and safe stay for guest and host family.

Support during cohabitation

To help you make your stay as pleasant as possible, both guest and host family are offered support. The Salvation Army Guest Household Supporter will visit you a few days after the start of cohabitation. He or she will help you make good agreements. You will also receive more information about initiatives in the area, such as the Rock Club and coffee table meetings. The host family can always contact us with questions and comments. As a guest you have at least three telephone contact moments with a volunteer from the Dutch Council for Refugees. He or she will answer your questions, tell you more about your rights and obligations during your stay and guide you around the departure.

What if you don't like living together?

Our advice is to have regular conversations with each other as guest and host family. To look back and look forward. To share good and less pleasant moments with each other. To make agreements and to express expectations back and forth. If you don’t like living together, it can be difficult. At the same time, a conversation is a way to resolve the unpleasant situation. Do you find it difficult to have the right conversation? Please contact the Guest Household Supporter and/or the volunteer from the Dutch Council for Refugees for tips and advice.

What to do in unsafe situations?

We have put the various options for help and support in unsafe situations in a handy overview. This way you know how and with whom you can contact in different situations.

Information for guests is the starting point for Ukrainian displaced persons in the Netherlands. The website offers a wealth of current information. For example, about education, work, care and your rights and obligations in the Netherlands. The information is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and Dutch. In addition, you can contact the support hotline daily from 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. for questions and advice. The support hotline can be reached by telephone on +31 (0)20 – 300 7000 (Ukrainian, English and Dutch) and by WhatsApp on +31 (0)6 – 352 500 18 (Ukrainian, Russian, English and Dutch). Download the FAQ below with frequently asked questions and answers for guests:

Information for host households

Would you like to know more as a host family? Then we would like to refer you to the Guide for Private Reception of Ukrainians (POO). The most current version of the POO can be found here. You can also always contact the Guest Household Supporter for questions and advice. On you will find a lot of information (in various languages) about the rights and obligations of your guests. Below we have bundled the most frequently asked questions and answers for guest households in a handy overview:


End of stay

A period of cohabitation via RefugeeHomeNL is entered into for the duration of 3 months. It is good to think about the different options after this period. We briefly mention them below:

1. Extension
If both sides agree with cohabitation, it can be decided to extend the contract. An extended period usually lasts another three months.

2. New stay via RefugeeHomeNL
When the cohabitation period ends, the guest can opt for a new stay via RefugeeHomeNL. We do our utmost to place the guest in a new host family as soon as possible.

2. Municipal Reception
If you fall under the Temporary Guideline, you as a guest retain the right to a place in the Municipal Reception. You must report this to the municipality where you currently reside.

3. Private Reception outside RefugeeHomeNL
As a guest you can also opt for private care outside RefugeeHomeNL. For example for a stay with friends or family.

4. Return
Finally, as a guest you can choose to return to Ukraine. You report this to the Return & Departure Service. Do you not have Ukrainian nationality? Then you can return to your country of origin. The UN International Organization for Migration offers assistance in that case.

What do you have to arrange at the end of the stay?

  • Do you want to remain available as a host family? Then report this to the Guest Household Supporter. You decide whether and when you want to receive guests at your home again.
  • As a guest, it is important that you deregister from the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the municipality where you are staying. We advise to arrange this together with the host family to avoid misunderstandings.

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